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      Checking your registration

When your completed and signed registration request is submitted by

  • Post
  • Fax to (+32 (0)2 534 89 81),
  • The website

IFE will send you two copies of the invoice , in the days following receipt.

You will receive an invitation 10 days before the training session with the :

  • Schedule
  • Location
  • Access options.

You will be asked to present the invitation on arrival at the training.

You will also be asked to sign the attendance sheet required for the attestation of attendance that will be sent within fifteen days of the end of training.

Please contact the registration department for additional information

If you would like to register a participant

Select a training course that is of interest to you then click on the "Register for training"voir la capture d'écran button on the selected page

Regardless of the method selected, we will mail you a confirmation of registration.

On receipt of your registration :

  • We will send you a confirmation of registration and an invoice in the days following your request.

Ten days prior to training, you will receive :

  • An invitation, the place, schedule and access options.

Within 15 days of the end of training :

  • An attestation of attendance will be sent to each participant and/or the person in charge of the registration.

Please contact our customer service department if you are unsure about the best training options :

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