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Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering

How to be compliant with that flurry of "hot topics" ?

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Nowadays, as compliance professionals, you don't simply manage regulatory risks : you also contribute to wider strategic goals of a firm.  Managing these at the same time can become a heavy challenge. The more sanctions multiply and grow, the more you have to focus to secure your KYC tools and revise your reflexes. As a result: bankers, Financial institutions' professionals, RegTechs's actors, assurances, consultancy professionals … are facing the most permanent challenge to fight against Anti-Money-Laundering.    

In 2017's and the early 2018, you are pitted to a flurry of « hot topics » : The 4th directive, ATAD, PSD2, GDPR….

We understand that you have many issues in front of you.

• How to be compliant with all those regulations ?

• How to deal with operationnal constraints imposed by those regulations and deal with the amazing costs it could represent ?

• And above all how to deal with all those challenges and respect the GDPR directive aiming to protect personnal data ? It is up to you to tackle these emerging complex stakes. 

This year’s IFE annual conference, our program will cover a variety of topics, and approaches. Speakers will debate of :

• The implementation of the Wire Transfer Regulation (WTR2)

• The developments in AML regulations

• The establishment of the UBO register

• Analysis of recent case law on the reporting of suspicions

• International financial sanctions and embargoes

• Cohabitation between the 4th Directive and the GDPR.


We don’t want to focus only on those regulatory aspects, but rather on the truly positive aspects of compliance : the ongoing opportunities for the compliance function to influence key stakeholders and outcomes in order to drive business forward.


Looking forward to welcoming you,




Gérard ZOLT - EY


Sundhevy DEBRAND - NORDEA Investment Funds S.A.

Michael WEIS - PwC Luxembourg



Objectifs pédagogiques

• Overview of anti-money-laundering in Luxembourg and reviews are under discussion.

• Determining the risks for the business.

• Discussing the role of the Compliance Officers in an information exchanges context.


Tuesday December 5th 2017


Sundhevy DEBRAND

MLRO and AML & KYC Leader

NORDEA Investment Funds S.A.


What should you know about the implementation of the Wire Transfer Regulation 2 (WTR2)?
• What’s new after the consultation of Efama?
• What could you fear for the investment and asset management industry?
• Which changes this will bring to the Swift Message Type? What’s the differences between the Swift Message Type MT202 and MT103 messages?
Sundhevy DEBRAND

Developments in anti-money laundering regulations
• Circular 17/650 of the CSSF of 17 February 2017
• The Bill of Law n.7128 implementing the 4th Directive (AMLD) and the applicable regulatory framework
• What is the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive?
• How to prepare business?
• Issues and impacts?
Michael WEIS
Partner, Forensic Services and Financial Crime Leader

Bill 7128 Implementing The Fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
• Who is concerned by the law?
• What does it mean for you?
• Risk-Based Approach Understanding and Implementation: How will you face to Risk Appetite and Compliance?

Regulatory framewok
Panorama of legal and regulatory framework in the field of AML
• Which main novelties?
• What does tax compliance mean for professionals in the light of CSSF circular 17/650?
• The analysis of recent Luxembourg case-law


Beneficial owner register: overview of the implementation in Luxembourg
• Are you ready for the UBO registry?
• What information and who can access it ? Terms and conditions of operation of the register (access, controls, privacy)
• Impacts with the future 5th AMLD
Avocat à la cour


The financial crime challenge: compliance at the forefront
• How the exposure and responsibilities of financial companies have increased.
• Challenges of implementing efficient financial crime prevention programs.
• Corruption in the financial sector: myth or realist possibility?
• The economic sanctions dilemma

Gérard ZOLT
Executive Director

GDPR & AML: Finding the balance between data protection and AML requirements round table
• What has to change?
• Data protection compliance : the biggest hurdle facing the back office?
• With regard to GDPR, are banks ready with the Anti-Money Laundering Systems ? What should be the next steps?
Moderator :
Sundhevy DEBRAND

Head of information Security Department

Maximilien SPIELMANN

Public concerné

• Compliance Officers, anti-money laundering officers, insurance companies, investment funds.
• Head of compliance and AML, compliance and AML Managers, project managers AML-ATF/KYC.
• Operations risk/compliance.
• Financial and legal executives.
• Financial Crime & AML/CT specialists.
• CFOs, treasurers, legal officers.
• Accountants, chartered accountants.
• Administrators, Presidents and Managing Directors.
• Risk directors.
• Auditors, internal controllers, controllers.
• Private banking, finance providers, insurance providers.
• Lawyers and wealth managers.
• DPO.
• Architects in AML Software Development.
• Payment & Fraud prevention agents, fraud & AML analysts, payment fraud & risk specialists, fraud and AML management…




Approche pédagogique

• Handouts given to the participants at the beginning of the conference.

• Direct interactions: one-on-one contact with the experts providing the training.

• Experts presentations followed by Q&A session.


If you already have questions to the speakers, send an e-mail at 




  • VAT - 1 day : 850 €

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