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Current trends in Luxembourg company law

Best practices for board and shareholders' meetings, groups of companies, daily operations of companies

Formation dispensée en anglais

You want to have a good understanding of the latest legal and jurisprudential issues in company law? This is an excellent initiative for you to update your knowledge and improve your corporate practice.

The topics to be addressed: conduct of shareholders’ meetings, groups of companies, business secrets, dayto-day management of a company, etc.


Objectifs pédagogiques

• Update of knowledge taking into account current legislation and new issues in jurisprudence
• Analysis of good practice for domiciliary agents, trust companies, chartered accountants,lawyers




Laurence JACQUES and Denis VAN DEN BULKE
Avocats à la Cour, Luxembourg


Good practices in corporate governance picto pratique d’expert

• Board of Directors:  Current and practical issues regarding convening notices, votes, deliberations, written resolutions and participation with technological tools, proper drafting of the minutes of a meeting; 

• Shareholders' meetings: convening notices, agenda, reports, shareholders’ right of information, third parties attending meetings, etc.

Practical illustrations: information provided by the Chairman and deemed confidential. How to deal with difficult cases (Shareholders dispute, conflicts of interest, late arrival of a member of the Board of Directors, etc.)

• Filing and publication requirements – financial statements, decisions of the shareholders, etc. 

Laurence JACQUES


Governance rules for group of companies

• Good practices to be adopted by the directors of several group companies

• Conflictual dilemma between corporate and group interest

• Inter-company financing and guarantee: which key issues to address?

Case study : Parent, sister or subsidiary companies: how to implement a group policy?

• Review of the limits and liability for the directors

• Recommendations  



Voluntary Winding-up of Companies: the essential key steps

• Review of voluntary winding-up procedures

• Dissolution vs liquidation

• Managing creditors, avoiding pitfalls 

• Cases where the liquidator can incur criminal and civil liability

• Bankruptcy: when shall the liquidator file for bankruptcy?

Laurence JACQUES





Public concerné

• Trustees

• Domiciliary Agents
• Registered address providers
• Chief Legal Officers, Administrative Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Tax Managers
• Specialist lawyers, Counsels, Consultants
• Corporate Lawyers
• Chartered Accountants, Accountants
• Shareholders
• CEO, top managers
• Chairpersons, CEOs
• Members of Boards of Directors
• Executive Managers, Managers
• Disposal, Mergers-Acquisitions Managers




Approche pédagogique

• Distribution of hand-outs specifically designed for this training
• Developed in close collaboration with the speakers to address the expectations of professionals
• If you have any questions, please send a mail to


N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour connaître les prochaines dates (tél : 02 533 10 22) ou pour avoir cette formation en intra


  • excl. tax - morning : 450 €

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