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Workshop RAIF: success stories in the Private Equity industry

Did you use all the tips and tricks to take advantage of the Lux LP?

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It’s obvious that Grand Duchy’s flexible tax and legal environment is one of the main reasons why the place is recognized as a prime area for structuring Private Equity. 

By adding the Lux LP to its legal arsenal of investment vehicles dedicated to the alternative investment industry, the regulator offered a new tool as alternative investment fund juridiction to the Private Equity.

To explore all the opportunities offered by the Lux LP, IFE Benelux has gathered key industry experts to provide you with tips and tricks to take advantage of the Lux LP in all the business industries.

For this edition we propose to round up your knowledges :

• What’s new under the regulatory aspects ?

• What should be included in a LP Lux?

• Finally, why not explore the tool in the life insurance industry ?


These presentations will be mixed and  by advises with explanations and drafting and negotiating tips to write your LP Lux.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this unique event in Luxembourg.


Objectifs pédagogiques

• Overview of the Lux LP in the Private Equity industry in Luxembourg and review are under discussion.

• Know the good practices and benefits of the Lux LP.

• Identify the specificities of the accounting and tax treatments of the TOOL.


Morning of Wednesday, November 22nd 2017






Welcoming Remarks - Why not take advantage of the LPA’s in Luxembourg?


Limited partnerships in Luxembourg – Lessons from the practice
• Regulatory update
• What are the main points of attention and differences with foreign limited partnerships?
• Practice of parallel funds

What are the accounting and reporting aspects you need to keep in mind?
• Flexibility of the accounting framework applicable to CLP/SLP - quick reminder
• Specific accounting and reporting requirements for AIFs and RAIFs
• Additional comments
Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards Practice

Tax aspects of Luxembourg partnerships
• CIT, MBT and VAT aspects of AIF and non-AIF partnerships
• Treaty and tax directive entitlement of partnerships
• Impact of the principle purpose test on fund structures
Tax partner

A tool of detention and development tool, life insurance for Private Equity
• Why is Luxembourg Life Insurance particularly suitable for the non-listed world?
• How to integrate life insurance into the Investor holding strategy?
• How to include the life insurance in your development strategy as Investment Fund Manager?
• Unlisted in regulated or non-regulated environments: optimal suitability and flexibility of life insurance : illustrative example of the RAIF
Antonio CORPAS
General Counsel

Unquoted & Traditional Assets Director

Public concerné

• Managers of a mutual fund (SPV).

• Managing Directors.

• Business makers.

• Business Development Managers.

• Senior Sales & Relationship Managers.

• Head of Funds Product.

• Specialized funds managers.

• Conducting Officers.

• Accountant.

• Promoters.

• Administrators.

• Tax, financial and legal directors.

• Tax advice, tax.

• Asset managers.

• Private banking directors.

• Wealth management consulting.

• Private clients.

• Assessor.

• Lawyers, notary public.




Approche pédagogique

• Handout given to the participants at the beginning of the conference.

• Direct interactions: one-on-one contact with the experts providing the training.

• Expert presentation followed by Q&A session.


If you have already questions to the speakers, send a mail at 


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  • excl. VAT - 1/2 day : 450 €

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