ABILWAYS: a key player in sustainable development

Sustainable development by ABILWAYS

The enhancement of knowledge and the acquisition of new skills are intricately linked to human development.  They also contribute to the sustainability of a business by facilitating adaptation to changes in the profession and in the market and ensuring competitiveness.

Our business is by nature part of sustainable development, since it enables the transfer of knowledge, of know-how and of soft skills. 

Aware of the environmental and social impacts of its activities on all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers), the ABILWAYS Group initiated its Sustainable Development policy over 10 years ago.

This desire is evidenced by concrete actions in the following areas: 

Sustainable development by ABILWAYS

Sustainable development by ABILWAYS


EFE environnement

Energy and water

  • Conduct of an energy performance assessment by a technical inspection agency.
  • Through a number of investments, we undertake to reduce our energy and water consumption: by replacing all windows and installing control instruments, we have, within 4 years, reduced our heating consumption by almost 40% and water consumption by over 30%.

Waste and recycling

  • We have set up selective sorting containers and sensitised employees.
  • The group recovers, for recycling purposes, print cartridges and toners, and collects batteries and accumulators (via Corepile), lamps and bulbs (via Recyclum) and caps (via Les Bouchons d’Amour)
  • We donate our older computer hardware to Espoir-Togo.
    Equipment that cannot be used are recycled (waste treatment and recycling).

Responsible purchasing policy


  • The group calls exclusively upon suppliers using papers that are PEFC certified and which hold the Imprim’Vert label. Papers certified PEFC are those that are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The Imprim’vert label is obtained by operators of the printing industry which undertake to reduce the environmental impacts of their printing activities (collection and elimination of waste generated by the use of chemical and hazardous products).
  • We have chosen a provider of cleaning services which uses Ecolabel products.
  • The new floor coverings in our offices are 100% recyclable.


Logo Ecofolio

  • Since 2009, most brands of the Group are members of EcoFolio, "the environmental organisation for papers", in order to contribute to the sustainable management of advertising inserts. The Group pays a tax to EcoFolio for each tonne of inserts distributed in the market. This organisation pays back this amount to local authorities to finance the sorting, collection and recycling of papers.
  • We have developed a platform for the dematerialisation of our training materials and evaluation forms.
  • All catalogues of the group are also produced in interactive version.

Through the various actions conducted with regard to the use of paper in daily life, the Group's objective is to reduce its paper consumption by 30% within 2 years.


EFE social

  • The Group's social policy promotes the personal development of its employees through special working conditions: part-time work (15% of employees), teleworking (10% of employees), flexible working hours.
  • A policy which aims at promoting diversity and gender parity.
  • The adoption of measures to recruit and support disabled persons.
  • The induction policy for new employees facilitates their integration: breakfast with senior management, mentoring programmes, welcome booklet, and formal career assessment at each stage.
  • Employees are linked to the results of the company: profit-sharing agreement and Company Savings Scheme

Implementation of our policy

  • Abilways's Sustainable Development policy brings on board the Group's Management Committee as well as all its employees.
  • A working group of five persons dedicated to sustainable development initiates and monitors projects.
  • A survey of all employees was conducted with the objective of defining an action plan.
  • Every year, the Group organises a sustainable development week which clearly illustrates our commitment. This week involves donations to and collections for the needy as well as actions to improve the well-being of employees.
  • The Group's in-house newsletter contains a section on Sustainable Development.
  • Abilways is a signatory of the CSR Charter of the Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle (Professional Training Federation) and is part of its working group.

Abilways is a signatory of the continuous training charter on the High Environmental Quality policy for its training programmes in this field.