All IFE by Abilways trainings are eligible for co-funding to help you learn new skills and (re) orient your career.



The State allows the Private sector companies, that are legally based in Luxembourg and that carry out their activities mainly there, to benefit from training support worth 15% (taxable) of the sum invested annually.

Access to financial support requires a co-funding application. The type of co-funding application to be completed depends on the investment in training, namely above or below 75 000 € per year.

The training courses organised must be aimed towards employees that are affiliated with Luxembourg social security through an employment contract (fixed-term or permanent), or any person working as a sub-contractor for the company.


How to apply for subsidies ?

Any request must be absolutely introduced by official co-funding application forms.

The application forms are the annual review, the approval application and the final report depending the sum invested annually.

One copy of the co-funding application must be send to the INFPC by registered mail, and within the legal deadlines.

Co-funding applications on paper (Annual review, Approval application and Final report) must be accompanied by an electronic version (Excel file only) saved on a CD or USB key. An e-mail with the file attached will not be accepted.

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