Quality policy: tell us not once but twice

Quality approach by IFE

Because you expect a consistent quality of service and real answers to your expectations, all our training courses are subject to a transparent evaluation system.

Because your comments and suggestions are vital in helping us offer good quality training, these on-the-spot and follow-on surveys are sources of continuous improvement of our training courses. 


Quality approach by IFE

ABILWAYS quality policy

Your responses to our questions

  • "On-the-spot" evaluation:

After each training, participants are invited to fill in an online questionnaire which assesses the quality of the learning and the degree of achievement of the learning objectives of the training course, based on 4 levels of satisfaction. 

  • "Follow-on" evaluation; 

A few weeks after each training, you are invited to perform an online evaluation of the application in your work of the expertise acquired. 


Our answers to your expectations

Through this quality policy, ABILWAYS undertakes to partner with you to deliver effective training programmes for the upskilling of your teams, and contribute to the performance of your company.